Using a Travel Agency

I found a solution for our stag do dilemma!

The truth is, I’m not a creative guy. I’m an accountant. And while I like to drink too many beers and hit on girls way out of my league, thinking of something cool to do for this stag do is not my strong point.

I found a company called Release Travel that has a whole bunch of cheap stag weekends ( that I didn’t even think of. Danny actually really loves paintball and he always complains that he never has a chance to go, so I was thinking about one of their packages that includes it, like the trip to Bournemouth (less than 130 quid per person!)

For prices that cheap, me and the boys could all pitch in and shout him the trip. He’ll be one happy guy, that’s for sure! Hope his fiancee trusts me enough to let him out with us for a couple of days.


What I like about the Bournemouth trip is that the hotel is already used to having drunk stag groups staying there (no risk of getting kicked out), it’s within stumbling distance to all the bars, and we get VIP entrance to some of the clubs and entrance to a strip club. We definitely have to get Danny a lap dance or 5 before his big day!

Just have to coordinate the trip with all the other guys and with Daniel’s boss. Let the calls begin…


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