Stag Weekend Costs To Consider

wedding cake

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Everyone knows that being part of a wedding party can be expensive. You have to buy a tux for the wedding, you have to buy the bride and groom a president. You may also have to pay for transportation and accommodation if the wedding is outside of where you live. And then of course there is the stag party.

Since we want to go out of town for my mate’s stag do, I need to make sure that we’re carefully calculating all of the necessary expenses so I don’t blow my budget for his big weekend.

These are the items  that I need to consider cost-wise:

  • Transportation: This depends on where we go. If it’s in the UK, we’ll pack up our cars and split the gas. If we decide to go to another country in Europe, we’ll take a short flight on a budget airline. Either way, shouldn’t be more than £100.
  • Hotels: If we go with a travel agency, this will be included in the price. Otherwise, if we share rooms, could be anywhere from £50 +.
  • Alcohol: Knowing my friends, better budget another £100 – £200 for this expense.
  • Club entrances: Again, if we go with the travel agency it’s included, but if not we should factor in £20 – £50. We could also only go to bars that don’t charge a cover.
  • Strippers: Again, this cost could vary widely! Some of the boys will be spending their whole paychecks there no doubt.
  • Food: Another £100 to cover the whole weekend.

Am I forgetting anything?


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