Play by Play Stag Party Recommendations

A stag party is no easy task to pull plan out and pull off. When it’s time for everyone to get together as the groom celebrates one last night out, you’ve got to make sure that you accommodate to everyone. Whether it’s outdoor events or a nightlife filled with eye candy and drinks, coming up with the perfect stag party takes a little bit of creativity and the willingness to have some people trying new things. Here’s an idea for one memorable stag weekend that everyone can enjoy.

Friday Night

Kick off your weekend with a bar & club package. Grab yourselves a limousine and head out to a variety of venues along the most popular strips in the UK. It’s your call where the guys want to stop, but you’ll be bound to find good booze and excellent sights to see (yeah, women). Keep it going as late as you want, but remember, you’ve got the entire weekend ahead of you.


Suit up and arm yourselves with high powered, semi-automatic rifles that are packing serious paintball power. Deck yourself out in camouflage and head out to terrain that’s built for the excitement of one of the most thrilling sports ever created. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little dirty as long as you’re having fun, and you can spend as little or as much time as you want on a paintball course.

Saturday Night

Time to add the main event of any stag party. The UK has some of the most famous strip clubs in the world, and while you may not go there on your own very often, you want to make sure the stag in your group has one last chance to relish in his freedom. Find a place stocked with women and booze because it’s going to be a long night that you’ll never remember. 


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